Christina Kwan - Champion Boxer Sparring
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Boxing Champion

Christina is a former United States National Champion and World Amateur Champion. Boxing at the 95-pound weight limit, the 5′ 3″ boxer dominated with her skills. Slated for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where women’s boxing was anticipated to be included for the first time in history, it wasn’t meant to be when it was not voted in by the International…read more
Project All In Poker Broadcast

Project All In – The Broadcast

The Project All In - Poker Broadcast will be filming new episodes this fall on a brand new RFID table. Live streamed with multi-way interaction between commentators, hosts, players and audience members, this interactive poker broadcast that is filmed at the Kwan International office at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is unlike any other. Bringing in companies from all industries…read more
Turmeric and turmeric powder
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Turmeric Has Benefits

I first discovered the spice Turmeric from researching homeopathic ways to help keep my 10-year-old Alaskan Malamute feeling agile. There are many great human foods that aren't good for pets, but turmeric happens to be an all-around ingredient that benefits humans and dogs. Turmeric has been known to be an anti-inflammatory agent. This was the primary reason I wanted to…read more
Super Bowl 50
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Super Bowl 50

When people ask me which team I root for, I've always told them that I am much more of a player fan than a team fan - with the exception of the Seahawks. So, for Super Bowl 50 I can appreciate both teams for their great players and ability. With Carolina's hot streak, it's certainly hard to ignore the fact…read more
Act Like a Champion
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Practice Like a Champion

A champion according to who? According to yourself that is. We're all different, but one thing remains the same, that we can all be the best version of ourselves and there's no disputing that. What is your best version? Well, that remains to be seen as we can never stop striving to be better. Whether it's running that extra quarter-mile…read more