Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

When people ask me which team I root for, I’ve always told them that I am much more of a player fan than a team fan – with the exception of the Seahawks. So, for Super Bowl 50 I can appreciate both teams for their great players and ability. With Carolina’s hot streak, it’s certainly hard to ignore the fact that they are easily the favorite to take the championship. Yet, it’s those grandest moments where you can always expect the unexpected.

I’ve long been a Peyton Manning fan. I loved the Colts because Peyton was on the team. When the Broncos signed him, I was rooting for his new team. There’s something about a come back story that’s great. When Peyton made it to the Super Bowl two years ago against the Seahawks, that was the one time where I had to go with the Hawks. Since that’s no longer a factor this weekend, I really would like to see Peyton have a great game and perhaps even take a second championship.

It’s not that  I don’t like Carolina. In fact, I like Cam Newton as well, but I’ve just been a longer Peyton fan. Cam’s going to continue to have many more years in the league and Peyton, well, we just don’t know yet. He isn’t getting any younger which means it isn’t getting any easier.

There’s no doubt that the Broncos have to keep Carolina at bay from the opening quarter. If you let Carolina get too far ahead, it is just so difficult to catch back up. Take a look at the Seattle vs. Carolina game where they let Carolina completely run away with the game in the first half before keeping them at bay the entire second half. If you are playing Cam and his team, you need to be on point during every play.

I certainly wish both teams the best and I really want a good game at the end of the day. You won’t find me wearing any team colors or anything mainly because my only NFL gear at the moment is my Seahawks beanie hat which, of course, isn’t saying anything for the Super Bowl. So, I’ll resort to wearing some comfy clothes that I can relax and enjoy the game in!